The Outwith Agency at Albert Road: A Co-Writing Space

‘For the unwritten part of your life.’

Open Wednesday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 11.30am-5pm; book here

The Outwith Agency at Albert Road is a place for writing projects of all genres, stages and ambitions. Come to this fascinating neighbourhood in Glasgow’s Southside and step into a peaceful writing zone where you can finally write a great novel, a short story, or maybe just a letter to an old friend. There is no limit or restriction to what you can or should write here. It’s the act of writing that counts!

All photos copyright Paul Reich

About the space

In a quiet, charming converted tenement room just off Victoria Road, we welcome writers to make progress in the company of likeminded spirits.

There are four desks to choose from, each named after a different writer:

Sayaka (Murata, the Japanese novelist who can only write in public places)

Walter (Scott, for a touch of epic Scottish heroic effort)

Marta (a student who was the first person to use Outwith to write)

And finally Ernest (Hemingway, of course).

About a day at Outwith

The music is kept low, much coffee is drunk, and just occasionally we have a little bit of a gossip and a chat (about important things such as allotments, dogs, rain and writers’ block).

Day rate is £10, including first cup of tea/coffee. (Subsequent caffeine is £2.) To book a desk, head to the booking microsite or email

Find us at 14 Albert Road, Glasgow G42 8DN; Wednesday to Saturday, 10am-5pm.

Stuff we sell

The Albert Road space also has a mini (very mini, but nice) bookshop with contemporary fiction, Scottish lit, and a smattering of art, second hand and non fiction titles. And to offer every accessory to the writing and reading life, you’ll also find pens, notebooks and bags of tea for sale. As Ernest Hemingway, the biggest out of home writer of them all, might have said, ‘This is a good place.’





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