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Protect the Oceans: Greenpeace photographic exhibition

Opening night, Saturday 18th January, 6pm-8pm; exhibition ends Friday January 31st

Outwith is pleased to welcome Glasgow Greenpeace to host an exhibition of thought-provoking photographs for their Protect The Oceans campaign. The photographs, by Denis Sinyakov, Gavin Newman, Shane Gross, Pierre Baelen, Richard Barnden, Santiago Salimbeni and Paul Hilton, were taken over the past year on an expedition by Greenpeace ships, The Esperanza and Arctic Sunrise, from pole to pole. The images highlight some of the threats to our world’s oceans as well as their beauty.

All are very welcome to join for our opening event with a talk from a Greenpeace speaker. The photographs will also be on display until Friday 31st January during Outwith opening hours.

Greenpeace’s Protect The Oceans campaign seeks to engage the UN to protect a third of the world’s oceans from human exploitation – creating Ocean Sanctuaries that will help our seas to recover from overfishing, plastic pollution, deep sea mining and oil drilling.

We’d love for you to join us at The Outwith Agency for drinks, nibbles and chat. We’ll also share some ways you can get involved in making a difference to help protect our oceans over the coming year.

Please bring your own cup to cut down on single-use plastic!

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Book Launch: ‘The Austerity Cure’ by Michelle Jamieson

Saturday 25th January, 6pm-8pm

Outwith is delighted to welcome University of Glasgow psychologist Michelle Jamieson for the launch of her book The Austerity Cure, published by Edinburgh-based Luna Press.

Drawing on extensive interviews with people in Glasgow who have lived through complex mental health problems and benefit sanctions, Jamieson builds a fascinating and nuanced picture of austerity’s effects on physical, social and mental wellbeing.

Join us to hear Jamieson talk about her research and her insights into how austerity changes people’s quality of life, both in subtle shifts in self-regard and in more serious deterioration in mental health.

Refreshments will be available. No wheelchair access (apologies).  


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Book Launch: The Mystery of Love by Andrew Meehan

Thursday 6th February, 6.30pm-8pm

Outwith is delighted to host the Scottish launch of Andrew Meehan’s The Mystery of Love, published by Head of Zeus. Join us for a reading by Andrew Meehan, book signing, and revelry. (There will be wine.) All welcome. Free to attend.

About the novel

Constance Wilde’s marriage has ended. Oscar is in prison and she has fled to Italy with their children to escape London gossip and public disapproval. Here she reflects on her marriage to Oscar, the confusing difference between his private and public self, and whether she always knew that their marriage was founded on a different kind of love.

Despite her family’s warnings, her frustration with her impossible husband’s spending and drinking, his affairs and his prison sentence, Constance remains loyal and loving. Their story is told from Constance’s perspective, with Oscar’s interjections presented as footnotes.

In this witty and unsentimental reimagining, Meehan gives a voice to a woman often forgotten and explores the pain and frustration of living in the shadow of a complex man.

About the author

Andrew Meehan is a script writer and former Head of Development at the Irish Film Board. His fiction writing has been anthologised in Town and Country: The Faber Book of New Irish Stories and Winter Pages. His first novel One Star Awake was published in 2017. He is based in Dublin and Glasgow.

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In Conversation: criminologist Alistair Fraser on writing for different audiences

Wednesday 27th November, 6.30pm

University of Glasgow criminologist Alistair Fraser, author of ‘Urban Legends: Gang Identity in the Post-Industrial City’, is an expert on gang culture in Glasgow. (And an Outwith regular.)

He will join us to talk about the process of writing for different audiences – academic, public, and beyond. We’ll discuss in detail Alistair’s research on gangs in Glasgow –  both his methods and discoveries.

We’ll look at how this research was turned into an academic book (Urban Legends), but we’ll also hear how Alistair adapted the material for different audiences (radio, schools, public policy).

Free for members; registration essential.

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In Conversation with artist Ellie Harrison, author of ‘The Glasgow Effect’ * SOLD OUT

Thursday 5th December, 6.30pm

Join us for an in-depth discussion with artist Ellie Harrison on the subject of her fascinating project ‘The Glasgow Project’ – a piece of study/performance in which she explored what it would mean to stay within the limits of Glasgow City for a full year. During this time, she also vowed to travel only by bicycle. Creative Scotland provided £15,000 in funding towards her costs – a move that sparked much interest (and some outrage).
We’ll talk about her insights from this experience, its public reception and its commentary on broader themes such as climate change. We’ll also discuss the process of producing a written account of this experiment, ‘The Glasgow Effect’, published this month by Luath Press.
Free, but registration essential. Please only RSVP if you plan to attend.

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Outwith Presents: in conversation with Ben Mervis, editor of Fare Magazine


Magazines are tough to make, but a good one is a lovely thing to behold. Outwith is delighted to welcome Ben Mervis, editor of travel and food-focused Fare Magazine, to discuss his creative inspirations and his journeys in the food world. Ben has worked in professional kitchens and as a researcher for Netflix’s Chef’s Table; he is currently writing a Phaidon cookbook on British food.

This session will be good for anyone interested in the creative (rather than commercial) side of magazine production, and for the food-curious. Copies of the latest edition of the magazine – a glorious homage to Glasgow – will be on sale.

Ben will be in conversation with Natalie Whittle, founder of Outwith and former food editor at the Financial Times Weekend.

About Ben Mervis, founder/editor:

Ben studied medieval history in Glasgow and London before going on to work at world-renowned restaurant Noma in Copenhagen. Beyond fare, ben works as a researcher and industry expert, most notably with the Netflix documentary series Chef’s Table.

About Fare:

Fare is a bi-annual food-focused travel magazine. each issue of fare focuses on a single city, exploring the heart of city culture through the intersection of local food, communities, and history.

Fare is produced in Glasgow, Scotland, and printed in Berlin, Germany. Fare launched in may of 2017, and so far has released 4 issues: Glasgow, Istanbul, Helsinki, and Charleston.

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Last Seen: A Halloween writing session

‘typing…’, the new writing club from the Outwith Agency, presents an evening of experimental fiction inspired by WhatsApp.

Together we will explore the theme of ‘last seen’: from lost loves to ghosts, ghouls and disappearances.

This will be a venture into the unknown. But It Will Be Fun.


6pm: arrivals

6.15pm: exploration of themes around ‘last seen’; loss as both abstract and visible.

6.45pm-7.15pm: working in pairs to produce an idea for a story/plot on the theme of disappearance

7.15pm-7.45pm: sharing of work

£4 (+£1 for Outwith Membership)


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Outwith Presents: Lynne Ramsay’s ‘Ratcatcher’

Wednesday 16th October, 6pm-8.15pm (film starts 6.15pm); 14 Albert Road

‘Ratcatcher’ And Other Shorts, dir. Lynne Ramsay

Rising from our Dear Green home to collaborate with the likes of Tilda Swinton, Joaquin Phoenix and now, reportedly, Captain Ahab in a sci-fi adaptation of Moby Dick, Lynne Ramsay is one of Glasgow’s finest film exports, and ‘Ratcatcher’ is her powerful 1999 debut feature. It focuses on the troubled adolescence of a guilt-ridden, working-class upbringing in 1970s Glasgow during the garbage strikes that set loose a plague of rodents across urban Scotland. 

As well as projecting this Criterion Collection restoration, beforehand we will be showcasing some of Ramsay’s earliest available work. We’ll screen three shorts: ‘Small Deaths’, ‘Kill The Day’ and ‘Gasman’ – the first and second were winners of the Jury Prize at the Cannes while the third took the Clermont Ferrand jury prize. 

Limited spaces so please book quickly to ensure your ticket. £4 Outwith Members or £4 + £1 Outwith Membership. 

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Outwith Presents: WesAnDays* SOLD OUT

Welcome all Outwithers to the inaugural ‘Outwith Presents’ premiere! 

A new, fortnightly Glasgow-Southside cinematic voyage into the back catalogues of the fringe film world. We’ll be projecting curious gems that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere, without lining the pockets of Jeff Bezos or further risking the security of your IP address!

To kick things off we will be showcasing every pastiche movie-buff’s favourite auteur, Wes Anderson, in the first edition of our Wednesday ‘WesAnDay’ series.

Bottle Rocket, Anderson’s directorial debut, co-written by and starring human-labrador-hybrid Owen Wilson, follows three eccentric comrades attempting to pull off a classic Hollywood crime-caper. Of course, in the subdued, signature stylings of Wes Anderson’s droll satire, things quickly go awry.

So come along! There will also be an opportunity to see the short-film of the same name that Anderson then turned into Bottle Rocket, as well as a chance to participate in a brief digest on the film post-screening.

Wednesday 2nd October, 6pm-8.15pm, £5 

Vegan snacks and refreshments available.

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Workshops // Book Groups

Write/ draw workshop with Iona Lee
Thursday 13th February, 6.30pm-8pm

The Living Letters Book Group

Monday 17th February, 6pm-8pm

The Dark Philosophers – Reading the Literature of Wales 

Wednesday 4th March, 6.30pm-8pm


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